AI – A Trojan Attack Waiting to Happen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the mega-trend of our era.  The application of AI algorithms are revolutionizing the auto industry, finance, energy, healthcare and the national security mission.  AI algorithms also present the opportunity for sabotage and massively disruptive Trojan-attacks.  Please join us at ICCS 2019 as Noblis Principal Cyber Security and Machine Learning Scientist, Ebrima N. Ceesay, PhD and CISSP, presents the concepts and manners in which an AI algorithm can be compromised and highlights the latest research being advanced to detect these backdoor attacks.

ICCS 2019 – FBI Director Christopher A. Wray

ICCS 2019 is pleased to announce that the Honorable Christopher A. Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will be the leading keynote speaker at this year’s conference.

Director Christopher Krebs to speak at ICCS 2019

Christopher Krebs, the first director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), to speak at ICCS 2019.

Director Krebs leads the Nation’s civilian cybersecurity agency, overseeing CISA’s mission to defend civilian networks, manage systemic risk to National critical functions, and partner with stakeholders to raise the security baseline of the Nation’s cyber and physical infrastructure.  

ICCS 2019 – Honor Among (Cyber)thieves?

How do cybercriminals trust each other when they don’t know whom they are dealing with? On the face of it, they can’t turn up at another criminal’s house and turn to fisticuffs. They certainly can’t report being ripped off to the police. Yet collaboration among cybercriminals has grown significantly. 

Join us at ICCS 2019 as Jonathan Lusthaus, director of the Human Cybercriminal Project at Oxford University, addresses the puzzle of how cybercriminals have overcome this trust problem and built an illicit shadow industry on a grand scale. 

ICCS 2019 – The Moving Targets of the CISO’s Life

Data security has always been a moving target, as any chief information security officer (CISO) knows well. The CISO is the cornerstone of any organization—safeguarding information, keeping business moving, and fending off the bad actors on a daily basis. Join us at ICCS 2019 as CISOs Eddie Garcia from Cloudera, Peter Keenan from Lazard, Rich Moore from NthNet, Jason Benedict from Fordham University, and Anthony Vigilante from MacKay Shields discuss the CISO’s ever-evolving work. 

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