ICCS 2016 – Are All Botnets Created Equal?

Peer to Peer (P2P) botnets operate randomly, share common topologies, and evolve constantly. Understanding the techniques involved in investigating P2P botnets is crucial for shutting them down.

Join us at ICCS 2016 as Elliott Peterson from the Federal Bureau of Investigation discusses the investigations of P2P botnets.

ICCS 2016 – Risks versus Benefits

How much confidence do you have in your knowledge and your organization’s ability to address cyber risks? Will you be able to deal with a nation state intrusion?    Build relationships at ICCS 2016. Join us in New York at ICCS 2016 as the global cyber community’s safety moves forward with both confidence and trust. 

ICCS 2016 – CISO – Now What?

Cyber issues evolve, but the work of securing data is never done. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the linchpin that keeps the good data flowing and the bad data from taking over.  

Join us at ICCS 2016 as CISOs Steve Attias from New York Life, Peter Keenan from Lazard, and Anthony Vigilante from MacKay Shields discuss the ever-evolving work of the CISO.

ICCS 2016 – Graphing the Future

Big Data often comes from many different sources.   How then can you detect a threat's source? Novel graph computing platforms not only allow you to manage the data sources, but can detect and find the anomalies. 

Please join us at ICCS 2016 as Dr. Ching-Yung Lin, IBM's Chief Scientist, Graph Computing, will discuss the challenges and solutions on scalable graph computing and cognitive security.

ICCS 2016 – Policy and Technology

Policy and technology are critical for a nation's security and economic well-being – especially where the unconstrained borders of the internet are concerned. Join the conversation at ICCS 2016 where policy and technology come together on a global scale.