ICCS 2016 – Industrial Control Systems (ICS)-Lone Rangers No More

Industrial control systems, once isolated lone rangers of operations, are facing ever greater interconnected cyber perils. However, by identifying and mitigating the inherent risks in their systems, operations, and processes, enterprises will be in better position to shield themselves and protect against current and future cyber threats.

Please join us as J.P. Auffret, PhD, Associate Director of the Center for Assurance Research and Engineering in the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University, and Jane L. Snowdon, PhD, Director of IBM’s Watson Health Partnerships, discuss cybersecurity governance and technologies for industrial control systems.

ICCS 2016 – HVA – It’s Not Just About the Data

If you are reading this email, you are a high value asset (HVA) for your organization.  Human intelligence is the key factor in protecting and securing a company's information.

At ICCS 2016, highly valued professionals from around the globe will explore the most important topics in the cybersecurity world. 

Join us. 


ICCS 2016: Defense or Offense – which is more strategic?

Ask a four star general (and we did) what is more strategic: defense or offense.  The answer is "always defense."  In the ever evolving world of cyber issues, how does your defensive strategy dominate?  Join the conversation at ICCS 2016.

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ICCS 2016: The Internet of Things – Opportunity or Threat?

With more and more physical devices connecting to the internet, an important question has emerged: Is the Internet of Things (IoT) an opportunity or a threat? 

As we hurl toward a world that may see 5 billion connected devices by 2020, cyber professionals from around the world are working to optimize businesses through smart technology while also limiting risk. 

Hear their stories at ICCS 2016. 

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ICCS 2016 – July 25 – 28

The sixth International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS 2016), takes place July 25 – 28, 2016 in New York City, the information capital of the world. Please join the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Fordham University as they, once again, gather the most influential cyber experts for four days focusing on emerging cyber threat analysis, operations and enforcement.

In response to heightened demand from cyber security professionals, ICCS 2016 is once again featuring two additional events: the Law Enforcement Workshop (LEW) and the Cyber Security Tutorial (CST). These events provide invaluable knowledge transfer to ICCS attendees. ICCS 2016 participants are highly encouraged to take advantage of these unique opportunities to learn from subject matter experts and share experiences. These events offer both technical and non-technical sessions and are open to all cyber security professionals and law enforcement personnel.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN – Click Here to Register for this Event 

Registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. The ICCS 2016 registration fee is $895.00 per person. The LEW and CST workshops are an additional $75.00 each. Preferred select New York City hotel rates are available. The conference will sell out. 

Check iccs.fordham.edu for up-to-the-minute information on agenda details. Click here for information about justifying your attendance.

Join us at ICCS 2016 for a firsthand opportunity to access and share key intelligence and valuable experiences on issues shaping the future of cyber security!