AT&T Ethical Hacking Team

Office of the Chief SecurityOfficer, AT&T, Middletown, New Jersey

The AT&T Ethical Hacking Team has been performing Penetration Tests for AT&T's networks, systems and services for over 13 years. The team is led by Cynthia Cama, who holds a Bachelor's degree from Fordham University and a Masters from Stevens Institute of Technology. She has been a member of AT&T's security team for over 20 years and has led the Ethical Hacking Team for the past ten. The AT&T Ethical Hacking Team currently consists of nine members: Gregory Leibolt, Jeri Malone, Jeff Adams, Dexter Hansraj, Stephanie Truchan, Laura Lombardo, Christine Murphy, Tom Evans and John Lieder.The combined team has 80+ years of security and penetration testing experience and hold over 40 degrees and security certifications. Team members are highly skilled in computer, network and application security as well as in Penetration Testing tools and techniques. The strength of the team also comes from teamwork, sharing techniques and skills to successfully test a wide variety of applications, devices and technologies to enhance security for AT&T and its customers.

The AT&T Ethical Hacking Team will discuss THE HACKER FACTOR. A Pen Test in the life of the AT&T Ethical Hacking Team. The team demonstrates their Ethical Hacking tricks and techniques and shows why Penetration Testing plays a key role in every company's security process.