Barry Greene
Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), Redwood City, CA USA

Barry Greene is President Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) – a +60 strong 10 million dollar open source organization responsible for Internet critical software services, and infrastructure – including BIND – our industry’s core DNS server. ISC’s President leads engineering, sales, marketing, product management, and all aspect of the business. Barry is responsible to transform ISC from a heavy engineering organization into a balanced and stable force that can continue to develop BIND (DNS), DHCP, Quagga, and other Internet critical open source software, services, and capabilities. Barry continues ISC’s evolution as an Agile Software Development process company to include the Agile essence in all aspects of operations, systems, and applications design. ISC is now a constituent oriented organization, applying ISC’s brain trust toward problems that impact the future sustainable growth of the Internet. Some of these areas include industry transformational work with the Security Information Exchange (SIE), Passive DNS, and other tools that uncovers cyber-criminal activities that facilitate action. In addition, ISC has been asked by the industry to take the Internet critical quality experience with BIND and DHCP and apply it to open source routing architectures – enabling new operator driven innovation to facilitate the success of an ever converging Internet. Barry is heavily involve in operational security, working with the industry to build collaborative private industry team that track cyber-criminal activities, works with law enforcement, and then facilitates the public-private partnership to take down the “cyber-criminal cloud.”