James Burrell
Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston MA USA

Mr. Burrell currently serves as FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the multi-state northeast region of the United States, which is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  He previously served as Chief in the Cyber Division at FBI Headquarters, where he was responsible for the coordination of all international cyber investigations and operations.  He served for over five years as a United States Government delegate to the international G-8 Senior Experts Subgroup on High-Technology Crime.

Mr. Burrell completed his Ph.D. coursework in a computer and information science curriculum and holds post-graduate, graduate, and undergraduate degrees in information technology and engineering disciplines.  He serves as an adjunct professor for graduate level computer science and engineering courses, developed a graduate level curriculum in digital forensic sciences, and serves as a graduate research advisor.

Kevin Swindon
Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston MA USA

SSA Swindon is currently the Supervisor of the Boston Division CYBER National Security Squad which is responsible for the investigation of all aspects of computer crime including counter intelligence and counter terrorism computer intrusions and is also responsible for all digital media forensics for the Division.  Prior to his management responsibilities, SSA Swindon was a certified FBI Laboratory Digital Forensic Examiner for 10 years.  SSA Swindon has traveled extensively overseas in support of both criminal and terrorism investigations.  He was first assigned to the Newark, NJ office of the FBI and prior to the bureau he was employed in the technology industry as a Regional Sales Director and Network Consultant for MAI Systems Inc.  He has obtained his BS in Industrial Management from the University of Lowell and his MBA from Northeastern University and recently completed his Masters of Science in Finance from Boston College.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Burrell and Supervisory Special Agent Swindon will speak about, Malware Research, Trends, and Victimology.

This presentation will provide an overview of the current research and trends in malicious code detection and analysis.  The discussion will include practical considerations for protecting intellectual property and sensitive information from this constantly emerging threat to information security.