Michael Dunner
Senior Cyber Security Consultant
US Public Sector, Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Corporation, New York, NY USA

Michael Dunner is a Senior Consultant in the Microsoft Cyber Security Team where he provides digital forensics services to cybercrime investigators in addition to architecting Cyber Security solutions for enterprises. Michael has 15 years of experience in the areas of application development, writing secure code and designing secure features, software project management, and computer forensics. As a Program Manager in Windows Security he was responsible for Winlogon and Smart Cards and as a Program Manager in Office Trustworthy Computing he was responsible for driving the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) across the Office product line. He is a co-author of two best-selling Microsoft Press titles on web application security and ASP.NET application security. Improving Web Application Security: Threats And Countermeasures and Building Secure ASP.NET Applications offer recommendations on how to design, build, and configure architecturally sound, hack-resilient Web applications. Michael has two security engineering patents pending and holds degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Mr. Dunner will discuss, Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle.

Current trends in cybersecurity indicate that attacks are still focusing on applications. As a result, developers are now even more accountable for application security and protecting the privacy of user data. In this session The Microsoft SDL (Software Development Lifecycle) will be covered and developers and decision makers will learn how to embed security into the development process with the goal of writing secure code.