Scott E. Augenbaum
Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Nashville, TN USA

Scott E. Augenbaum is the Cyber Crime Supervisor in the FBI Memphis Division and manages the program in Nashville and Memphis with a staff of seven Special Agents.  The FBI's Cyber Program covers computer intrusion investigations, online child exploitation, intellectual property rights and Internet fraud.

Scott started his career in the FBI in the New York Field Office in 1988 as a support employee in the Financial Management Section. In 1994, he went to the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA and became a Special Agent. His first office was the Albany, New York Field Office, Syracuse Resident Agency. He was assigned to work domestic terrorism, white collar crime and all computer crime investigations.

After September 11, 2001, Scott was appointed the Joint Terrorism Task Force Coordinator for the Syracuse Office. In December 2004, he was promoted to a Supervisory Special Agent at FBI headquarters in the Cyber Division. He was assigned to the Cyber Task Force Unit and was responsible for managing the resources of the FBI's 72 Cyber Task Forces throughout the United States. In addition, Scott was responsible for the management oversight of the Internet fraud and intellectual property rights program.

Supervisory Special Agent Augenbaum will discuss, Cybercrime and The Internet’s Future.

Is information technology are a strategic asset to an organization or is it a liability and are organizations taking the necessary precautions to keep their information infrastructure secure from cyber criminals?  As organizations, implement new information technologies without fully understanding the associated risks, then they become susceptible to being the victim of cyber crime.  The faceless nature of cyber crime and global interconnectivity allow transnational organized criminal enterprises, foreign intelligence services and hacktivists groups to target the U.S businesses.    When some of the largest organizations in the United States fall victim to data breaches it should be a wakeup call to all organizations that the highest priority needs to be securing their information infrastructure from cyber criminals.   SSA Augenbaum through the Nashville Chapter of InfraGard has formed a chief information security officers advisory group to share intelligence and collaborate with subject matter experts to combat the emerging threat of cyber crime.