ICCS 2019 – Honor Among (Cyber)thieves?

How do cybercriminals trust each other when they don’t know whom they are dealing with? On the face of it, they can’t turn up at another criminal’s house and turn to fisticuffs. They certainly can’t report being ripped off to the police. Yet collaboration among cybercriminals has grown significantly. 

Join us at ICCS 2019 as Jonathan Lusthaus, director of the Human Cybercriminal Project at Oxford University, addresses the puzzle of how cybercriminals have overcome this trust problem and built an illicit shadow industry on a grand scale. 

ICCS 2019 – The Moving Targets of the CISO’s Life

Data security has always been a moving target, as any chief information security officer (CISO) knows well. The CISO is the cornerstone of any organization—safeguarding information, keeping business moving, and fending off the bad actors on a daily basis. Join us at ICCS 2019 as CISOs Eddie Garcia from Cloudera, Peter Keenan from Lazard, Rich Moore from NthNet, Jason Benedict from Fordham University, and Anthony Vigilante from MacKay Shields discuss the CISO’s ever-evolving work. 

ICCS 2019 – Borders in Cyberspace

Borders are nearly impossible to define in cyberspace.  Strong public-private partnerships is the ground work for being good neighbors.  Join us at ICCS 2019 where building safe cyber relationships begin.

ICCS 2019 – A Decade of Cyber Security

Flip phones to iPhones; pc to tablets; gas to induction; email to text; two thousand and nineteen marks a decade since the first International Conference on Cyber Security.  Since 2009, not only has there been phenomenal cybersecurity growth but also a corresponding need for greater interaction, cooperation and partnership.  Please join us at ICCS 2019 as the best cyber professionals in the world gather to once again engage and educate for a secure and sustainable cyber ecosystem.

ICCS 2019 – Cloud Native: Out with the Old and In with the New

Shifting from legacy infrastructure to cloud native is not a trivial undertaking. Adopting a cloud-native platform, however, is a critical step in any organization’s digital transformation. In this talk, Dr. Chenxi Wang, founder and General Partner of Rain Capital, will share lessons learned at organizations like Google, Lyft, and eBay in their cloud native journeys. More important, the talk will cover how security functions can be embedded and treated as a first-class citizen in a cloud native transformation.   Please join us.

ICCS 2019
International Conference
on Cyber Security

July 22-25, 2019

Costantino Room

Fordham University
at Lincoln Center

150 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023
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