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ICCS 2016 – FBI Director James B. Comey

ICCS 2016 is pleased to announce that the Honorable James B. Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s conference.

ICCS 2016 features over 30 unique lectures and panels in the disciplines of emerging technologies, operations and enforcement, and real-life experiences. ICCS 2016 presents exceptional opportunities to meet and talk with some of the greatest cybersecurity experts in the world. 

ICCS 2016 – How secure are your milk and eggs? The threat posed by the Internet of Things – hacking on the cheap.

Given the many reports warning that Internet of Things (IoT) often lacks security features,  what could researchers learn from buying cheap parts, creating a use with them, and then seeing  how to exploit the vulnerabilities of those off-the shelf parts? The answer is a lot.  Join us at ICCS 2016 as  Dr. Angelos Stavrou, Associate Professor at George Mason University and the Director of the Center for Assurance Research and Engineering (CARE), presents on the exploitation dangers of the Internet of Things.

ICCS 2016 – Are Venture Capitalists Cybersecurity Saviors?

The demand for cyber innovation has long attracted private investors who seek to profit from the explosive growth in cybersecurity spending.  But few have considered how new cyberdefense technologies are brought to market.  

Join moderator Jules Kroll, chairman and founder of K2 Intelligence; Ann Barron-DiCamillo, former CERT director and founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures; Manny Medina, founder and managing partner of Medina Capital; and Ed Amoroso, former senior vice president and chief security officer for AT&T Services Inc. for this ICCS panel exploring the role private investors play in identifying and assisting startups with the most promising technology innovations

ICCS 2016 – Brute Force is NOT enough – Outmanning the adversaries

Trying to outman your adversaries in cyber security is not enough. Augmenting analysts' capabilities using intelligence driven cyber analytics is the future. Join us at ICCS 2016 as L. Roger Mason, Jr., Ph.D. ​Senior Vice President, National Security and Intelligence, Noblis, discusses the nexus of all source cyber analysis tradecraft and big data for predictive analytics.  ​ With such intelligence, could the Sony Pictures and Sands Casino cyber attacks have been better forecasted?