Marisa Viveros
Vice President
IBM Corporation

Cybersecurity education for the next generation – emerging best practices

Abstract:  In a hyper connected world with increasing information security threats, cybersecurity education is becoming a pivotal element in developing a workforce qualified to protect critical IT infrastructure and to ensure economic growth. Academic institutions need to transform current cyber security education focus by enhancing existing or creating new programs to address the long and short term needs, while collaborating among relevant disciplines, industry and government. In this session, we will discuss the trends and challenges in cybersecurity education and how academic institutions are straining to address those needs. Based upon a recent study conducted across 15 leading academic programs, we will review common approaches, and outline a set of recommendations for the development of programs that strive to balance the near-term requirements of industry and government while educating future faculty members and researchers.

Biography:  Marisa Viveros is a Vice President at IBM Corporation, leading the Cyber Security Innovation initiative, globally. She is responsible for creating education and research programs that foster stronger collaborations among academic institutions, government organizations and IBM to develop cyber and information security knowledge and talent to address the skills shortage. Ms. Viveros began her career at IBM as a member of the Thomas J Watson Research Center and held different technical and management positions. Later, she transferred to IBM Global Services to lead strategy for the Wireless Emerging Business Opportunity group, follow by creating the Unified Communications and Collaboration Service business unit, and most recently, Ms. Viveros led IBM Security Services, an organization responsible for delivering IT and physical security capabilities. Among her responsibilities, she led the Security Operations Centers which manage critical IT infrastructure for thousand of customers around the globe. She holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and MS degree in Computer Science.