Adam Palmer
Lead Cyber Security Advisor
Symantec Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Adam Palmer is the new Lead Cybersecurity Advisor at Norton. Adam works across multiple business groups within Norton to create programs that will support law enforcement and industry efforts to reduce cybercrime. He combines 10 years of law enforcement and technology experience in the cybersecurity field.

From 2000 to 2003, Adam served as a U.S. Navy JAG Prosecutor handling a range of cases including many of the first military cyber crime related prosecutions. For the last five years, he was also assigned to a specialized JAG instructor unit where he served as the lead cybercrime prosecution instructor for the U.S. military. Adam also spent three years as Legal Director for The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), the largest U.S. non-profit dedicated to combating Internet crimes against children. During this time, Adam served as an instructor in cybercrime prosecution-related courses for the National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA), the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) and The National Law Center for Children (NLC). Most recently, Adam was the policy counsel for the .ORG Top Level Domain Registry where he designed a cybersecurity program that was cited by the Anti Phishing Working Group (APWG) as one of the major Internet security successes of 2009.

Adam has authored several articles on cybersecurity issues. He has taught cybercrime related courses at Washington & Lee Law School and The University of Mississippi Law School and has been a guest lecturer on cybercrime at Georgetown Law School. In 2009, Adam was a finalist for the Washington, D.C. Association of Corporate Counsel’s “Outstanding Corporate Counsel” Award and he was selected the U.S. Navy “Howell” Award winner as a top JAG Reservist Attorney for his work teaching cybercrime prosecution.

Mr. Palmer will speak about, The Norton Cybersecurity Institute: Leading Strategy Against Cybercrime.

In 2011, Norton launched the Norton Cybersecurity Institute as a philanthropic support program for global law enforcement. The Norton Cybersecurity Institute is a collaboration between law enforcement, consumer safety groups and security leader Norton. The institute is a global initiative to support and win the fight against cybercrime by providing law enforcement with training, technical expertise and improved global cooperation. In the past year, the institute has trained hundreds of cybercrime investigators globally. The program is uniquely co-located at the National Cyber Forensic Training Alliance in Pittsburgh, Penn.

The Norton Cybersecurity Institute has also supported the development of emerging threat groups that bring industry and law enforcement together in a shared collaborative forum. Most recently the institute has focused on providing support to law enforcement on significant cybercrime investigations. This presentation will provide attendees with a brief overview of Symantec’s latest cyberthreat report trends, offer examples of how the Norton Cybersecurity Institute has actively assisted in advancing law enforcement threat awareness, and conclude with an overview for how law enforcement can benefit from the free support offered by the Norton Cybersecurity Institute to improve their investigative capabilities in cybercrime cases.