Anthony G. Vigilante
Managing Director and Head of Information Technology
MacKay Shields
New York, NY

Cloud Computing in the Financial Industry

Abstract:  Is the Financial Industry ready to poke their heads into the clouds?  Perhaps, but Due Diligence is the key.  Since technology is extremely critical to firms in the financial industry (where a simple click can gain or lose a million), they must proceed cautiously when venturing into the cloud.  There are many challenging issues that the Financial Industry must focus on such as IT Standards, Security, SEC regulations, Data Protection, Personal Identifiable Information, QOS, Business Contingency and Cost—just to name a few.

In this talk, Mr. Vigilante will address opportunities and challenges facing the financial industry in the migration to cloud computing environment. When determining if your firm is ready for Cloud Computing, there is NO standard response or formula. You must ensure you have a proper due diligence process.

Biography:  Mr. Vigilante is a Managing Director and the Head of Information Technology at MacKay Shields.  MacKay Shields is a fixed income focused investment management firm located in mid-town Manhattan.   Anthony graduated from New York University with a BS in Information Systems Management and from Fordham University with an MS in Computer and Information Sciences.  Anthony also holds an Advanced Certificate in Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Fordham University.  He joined MacKay Shields in 1999 and has been in the Technology industry since 1994.