Ed Stroz
Stroz Friedberg
New York, NY

The Corporate Information Security Landscape OR Ten Lies My CIO Told Me

 Abstract:  The information security landscape today is complicated and difficult for corporations to manage because of numerous attack vectors and evolving trends in technology.  Organizations are strongly influenced by cultural features that can undermine management in addressing security issues.  This talk by two former FBI agents now working in security consulting examines modern information security threats and technology trends in light of the realities that drive some of the common management approaches to information security, and the implications.”

Biography:  Ed Stroz is the founder and Co-President of Stroz Friedberg, a global digital risk management and investigations firm.  Ed oversees the firm’s growth, while ensuring the maintenance of its distinctive culture, and assists clients in matters security consulting, and business intelligence and investigations. Before starting the firm, Ed was a Special Agent with the FBI where he formed their computer crime squad in New York.   Trained as a Certified Public Accountant, he has extensive experience in investigations of white collar crime including bank fraud and securities fraud, and has testified in court numerous times as an expert witness.  Ed is a trustee of Fordham University, his alma mater, and serves as an advisor to the Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) at Fordham Law School, and as Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Graduate School of Business.  He frequently appears on television and in print, and also serves on the New York State Courts System E-Discovery Working Group, established to provide ongoing support and expertise to the New York State Judiciary in the areas of e-discovery.