John N. Stewart
Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer
Cisco Systems

What Can Be Seen In Plain Sight – A View Into How Threat Operations On The Internet Reveals Fascinating Things

Abstract:  Operating one of the largest data grids in the world in cooperation with its customers, Cisco helps ensure that customers don't get spearphished, not go to websites with malicious payloads, or if hit, become aware of it as fast as possible. This is machine-level response at a global scale, generating interesting stories, lessons to be learned, and often surprising revelations of what's happening in plain sight.  Stewart will speak to real world examples, bringing to life the volume and velocity of cyber security phenomena seen in real-time, in the world we live in.

Biography:  John Stewart leads the Cisco Threat Response, Intelligence and Development (TRIAD) organization. This organization has three current responsibilities: Trustworthy Systems, Threat Intelligence, and the Information Security and Security Operations functions protecting Cisco. Key missions for these functional areas include:

Trustworthy Systems encompass development of defensive software, hardware-anchored software and firmware, identity management, and cryptology technologies for incorporation into Cisco products. The program also drives and continuously improves the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL), a process-driven “design for security” methodology applicable to products and offerings from all Cisco business units.

Threat Intelligence leverages Cisco’s global network footprint to “Get the data, know the data, do something with the data.” relevant to protecting Cisco and customers. Key goals for TRIAD include innovating ways to bring more automation, speed, scalability, and actionability to the process of gathering, analyzing, distributing, and applying global threat information that inform Cisco and customer security programs.

Information Security & Security Operations protects Cisco business processes, intellectual property, public goodwill, and stakeholder (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.) privacy from cyber-security threats. To set context for this mission, Cisco is a $45 Billion company, employing over 70,000 people with operations in every corner of the globe. Operationally, the company hosts 73 million online meetings a year, processes 90 percent of its orders online, and maintains 24-hour customer service. Cisco shares its security expertise with customers and maintains active partnerships and collaboration programs with multiple public organizations and industry technical consortia.

Throughout his 25-year career, Stewart has led or participated in security initiatives ranging from elementary school IT design to national security programs. Today, he sits on technical advisory boards for RedSeal Networks and Nok Nok Labs, is a special advisor to Koolspan’s Board of Directors, and is on the Board of Directors for Fixmo, Inc., and the National Cyber-Forensics Training Alliance. Additionally, Stewart serves on the Council of Experts for the Global Cyber Security Center and the Cybersecurity Think Tank at University of Maryland University College. He served on the CSIS Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency and on advisory boards for successful companies such as Akonix, Cloudshield, Finjan, Ingrian Networks, Riverhead, and TripWire. He is a highly sought public and closed-door speaker, a popular blogger on, a 2010 recipient of the Federal Computer Week Federal100 Award, and one of Security magazine’s Most Influential Security Executives for 2012.  Stewart holds a Master of Science degree in computer and information science from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.