Rich Baich
Executive Vice President/Chief Information Security Officer
Wells Fargo
San Francisco, CA

Building an Advanced Cyber Security Team

Abstract: A posting on paste bin suggests your organization was hacked and several credit card numbers have been posted. You have a virus outbreak occurring within a sensitive network segment. Sensitive internal documents have been posted on paste bin. Cyber adversaries continue to evolve utilizing tools and techniques which often mask their true intent. The asymmetric threat demands organizations to deter the threat through proactive and preemptive actions. Establishing, equipping, training and empowering the future cyber special forces will require a work force with unique skills. Network engineering, forensic investigations, penetration testing, system administration and network security are just a few of the potential prerequisites to compete in this dynamic environment. Combine these skills with tradecraft and cyber intelligence and an organization may possess the right qualities needed to empower an advanced cyber security team. Biography: Rich Baich is Wells Fargo’s EVP/Chief Information Security Officer. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, he was a Principal at Deloitte & Touche where he led the Global Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Management practice. Rich’s security leadership roles include retired Naval Information Warfare Officer, Senior Director for Professional Services at Network Associates (now McAfee) and after 9/11, as Special Assistant to the Deputy Director for the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He recently retired after 20+ years of military service serving in various roles such as a Commander in the Information Operations Directorate at NORAD/Northern Command Headquarters; Commanding Officer Navy Information Operations Center (NIOC), Denver, Colorado; Special Assistant at the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Real Time Military Analysis Center, the Reserve Armed Forces Threat Center, the Center for Information Dominance, and the Information Operations Technology Center (IOTC) within the National Security Agency (NSA). Rich was also selected as an advisor for the 44th President’s Commission on Cybersecurity.