Sandra Stanar-Johnson
NSA/CSS Representative
Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C.

TEAM CYBER–Defending the Nation in Cyberspace

Abstract:  Discover how the U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Operations team is learning and growing in a whole-of-government approach to defending the nation.  Learn the answer to such questions as: Why is implementation of the national vision for cybersecurity so difficult?  Does cybersecurity mean surrendering our civil liberties and privacy? How does the President’s Executive Order of February 2013 increase our ability to partner within the government and with private industry? Do we still need cyber legislation to help defend the nation?  How prepared are we as a nation to for a critical major attack on our critical infrastructure?  How can you be part of the team?

Biography:  Sandra Stanar-Johnson serves as the NSA/CSS Representative to the Department of Homeland Security and was recognized for her accomplishments in this position with a Presidential Rank Award in March 2012.  She is charged with bringing the Cyber mission into mainstream support to DHS along with Counterterrorism, Counternarcotics and Organized Crime, Southwest Border and Maritime protection, and support to Law Enforcement.  She directly engages SEC Napolitano and the 25 other Presidential appointees who lead the 22 Agencies subordinate to DHS constituting a workforce of 260,000.  She previously served as Deputy Special Assistant to the NSA Director for Cyber and worked a variety of issues at FBI NY and FBI Headquarters for five years.