Brian Krebs

Washington, D.C.


Biography:  Brian Krebs is an independent investigative reporter who writes about cybercrime at the site Formerly a reporter for The Washington Post, Brian focuses specifically on cybercrime and is probably best known for breaking stories about data breaches at numerous retailers over the past year, including Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Michaels and a host of other companies. Brian also is the author of the recently published book Spam Nation. He also the subject of an upcoming new segment on CBS's 60 Minutes about the rash of security breaches at Fortune 500 companies.

Perhaps the most succinct profile of Brian to date came in a story that ran in the New York Times in February of this year: The Times wrote:

Mr. Krebs – a former reporter at The Washington Post who taught himself to read Russian while jogging on his treadmill and who blogs with a 12-gauge shotgun by his side – is so entrenched in the digital underground that he is on a first-name basis with some of Russia's major cybercriminals. Many call him regularly, leak him documents about their rivals, and try to bribe and threaten him to keep their names and dealings off his blog. His clean-cut looks and plain-speaking demeanor seem more appropriate for a real-estate broker than a man who spends most of his waking hours studying the Internet's underbelly. But few have done more to shed light on the digital underground than Mr. Krebs.