Cameron Kerry

Senior Counsel, Sidley Austin LLP.

Former General Counsel and

Acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce

Washington, D.C.


Cybersecurity without Privacy Insecurity

Abstract: From attacks against retail merchants and banks to the revelations about the broad scope of government surveillance around the world, the assurance of privacy and the safety of personal information are increasingly difficult online. This distinguished panel of experts will explore the legal framework, the policy considerations and the technical opportunities to architect for privacy as part of hardening the online infrastructure against cyber threats.   

Biography: Cameron Kerry is Senior Counsel at Sidley Austin, the Ann R. and Andrew H. Tisch Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab.  He is a former General Counsel and Acting Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce, has played a leadership role in addressing many of the biggest challenges facing business today, including consumer privacy issues and international discussions regarding systems for data protection. His broad practice with Sidley’s Privacy, Data Security and Information Law team   operates at the intersection of law and technology and is informed by his years of government service and over three decades in private practice.  In addition, Cam works on complex matters involving international trade relations, intellectual property policy, litigation, government affairs and communications.   Throughout his life, Cam has been deeply involved in politics.  During the 2004 presidential campaign, he was a close advisor and national surrogate for his brother, Democratic nominee John Kerry. The period when Cam served as Acting Commerce Secretary while his brother served as Secretary of State marked the first time in U.S. history that two brothers served in the Cabinet at the same time.